Whatchu Know About BOLT BUS??

Just when FUNG WAH thinks they have the upper hand in making quick trips from Boston to NY and vice-versa, this deeze ass BOLT BUS coach comes along. Peep game my struggling fellow humans, BOLT BUS is suppose to pop off this month from Boston TO NY!! This shit has free WI-FI (but they did admit you may not catch it at times), 3 inches more leg room than some of them standard coach buses, anddddd the moment we all have been waitin for - FARES START AT $1!!!!! WOOP WOOP, thats right a whole $1, now now kids there is a limited amount of $1 fares but shit book early, and get ur ass down to NY, this leaves you a ton of money to splurge with! Go to Boltbus.com for more info.

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Sasha said...

Im on my way now!!! thank for the heads up