Where is M.I.A ?


M.I.A. remains a British citizen but is now a renter in New York; she's had a place in Bed-Stuy since 2005. M.I.A.'s video for the song "Paper Planes" she claims, "If you catch me at the border, I've got visas in my name." Hmmm she had a a work visa for her tour in the U.S but that is about to expire and her tour will be no more (sad face)!! good news is there is going to be a going away party!Bad news is that the flyer doesnt say the date. WTF!! Good news is that I live in boston so this doesnt apply to me! :]

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Daniel said...

jus dicovered m.i.a. sum of her rap is the shit 10 dollar hot like the planes song you know when that date is?? hit me back dciman0208@gmail.com