don't get PLAYED!!


I was in a desperate need of a manicure/fill so I couldn't wait to and go to my usual place so I stopped at a nail salon around the way. I just got a fill which is 15$ and fixed 1 nail 3$ and wanted a two color manicure (hot pink + black). Now I don't know where you get your nails did but design and extra polish is usually 3-5$ for something simple as getting a black line across the tip. She charged me 30$ for everything and I made her break it down because it didn't make sense. 12$ for one more color...Umm F*#ka that !! So I had to cut out the black and I'm just gonna hit up my usual salon to get the black tip!


don't let the ladies at the salon hustle you!!


La La said...

oh yummie fuck no! i woulda most def had a problemo in the salon haahah!

Shayla Kelley said...

Hellll naw! Yea them lil ladies be tryin to charge for EVERY little thing! I think its really crazy. Ive stopped gettin my nails b/c of it. They charge all that but didnt do what i asked one time, i was HELLA pissed. In need of a new spot : [