Sneaker Freaker interview with CONCEPTS


"Im going to wear these when i go to red lobster on friday"

You held your launch this past Saturday, how was the turnout?
The turnout was amazing! We had kids lining up three days early with tents and lawn chairs. I was real impressed by the class these kids had. They respected each other and the neighborhood. We had people that traveled from as far as L.A, Chicago and NY to be a part of the event.

What went down during the day and did it meet all your expectations?
We had 200+ people, music, food, and an energetic vibe. We delivered our first 50 limited crate sets in a legitimate Boston Lobster truck. The crowd lost their mind! It was more than we imagined and we truly appreciated the love.

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Yummie D-- This was such a fun event if anyone ever drops a sneaker or something Be there it was worth the wait!!

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