We Could Relate


Dear Missbehave, I’ve got a major problem. My friend keeps ganking my style! Every time I get something cute, she goes out and gets the exact same thing! I don’t know what to say to her because she gets really defensive, but I have my own look and it gets really hard to be unique when I have to consider that all my favorite things might be on the gal next to me when I go out with her. I’m so frustrated. I’ve tried to mention it, but she gets mad at me! It’s one thing to have a couple of similar styles or when shopping together to buy the same thing in different colors, but it’s so literal! Like all the brands I discovered and were my thing are now her thing and people think she has good taste now. I’m bummed. I wanna wear a potato sack. I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this is identity theft! Help me!

--Found this on Miss B's page
has anyone ever had a friend like this???

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