DTY: Meet Tavi!

Hey ladies! Thanks so much for allowing me to post here, I look forward to it! I feel like I should introduce myself in a more proper manner, but instead who the world really needs to meet is this girl - so here we go!

DTY, meet Tavi! 

Isn't she adorable? Check her style though! Lately fashion blogs, as well as fashion editors, have been buzzing about this cute chick with lots of style who's blog is filled with great fashion reviews and lots of tales of vintage thrifting adventures. The crazy thing is, she's only 12! I myself, had a hard to believing a 12 year old was writing this fashion blog but like she states in her most recent post, "I will agree that the fact that I'm 12 shouldn't set me apart from other bloggers, and it definitely shouldn't play a part in how one might react to how I think or write or dress." 

Make sure to check out Tavi's blog: Style Rookie! 


La La said...

wow your only 12?? and SO very fashionable I MUST say!! I love what I've seen of your personal blog so far! I'll be looking forward to reading your posts


Anonymous said...

yes, she's only 12! amazing, isn't it? I adore her style and posts. she's so far beyond her years.
wait, the girl I posted about is 12, not me lol! That's Tavi. I'm not Tavi. I reread the post and realized the first paragraph was kind of confusing o_o

La La said...

lol Ohhhhhh okay lol because i was like "whhhaaaaa?"