MOB x Bitches?

Towels, Reebok collabs, Towels, and now keychains! Now you could be MOB all day it's 10$ and you can cop' at marriedtothemobnyc.com.


On another note while rocking a MOB tee shirt and strolling with my boyfriend we came upon the topic of girls referring to themselves as "bitches". Is it the same as calling a male a "dog"?? Or is it even right to be calling ourselves some bad bitches.. Cause we are BAD..don't get me wrong. But I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about this. I know alot don't mind considering the MOB collections sell out like popsicles at the bodega on a hot day. HMM.. I wonder


Anonymous said...

weLL i understand where ladies are comin from caLLing themseLves "bad bitches" but if yu get offended when a man refers to yu as one yu shudn't be ok with caLLing yurself one.. bitch was never meant to be a positive titLe.. whether society has changed it or not..

Yummie D said...

You make a good point. I guess it's all in how your mentality is and where your heads at.Hmm.. it's almost like the word n*g*a society has changed it yet some people still don't want certain people saying it to them.