Wish List

I have been wanting a name necklace for so long but I never got around to actually attempting to cop' one. Browsing around I found this hot website with unique and custom jewelz. & how dope is the name necklace provided above??? It's crazy dope & it's only 48 bucks ...that's chump change (j.p) but it's really not that bad. Where do you get it??? Melody Ehsani That's where. I'ma place my order now ..go get yours & while our there check out their other goodies.


adina renée said...

that's a hot name plate.

Lizzy said...

i would love to order a few custom pieces. can you tell me what background color & foreground color you picked? i really like yours

Yummie D said...

well that's not mine lol that's a photo I got from their site!! But the background is matte black and the foreground is gold metallic/mirrored