First step is to admitting you have a problem...Hi my name is LaLa and I have a magazine buying issue....GOSH I'm sorry when I go to Barns & Noble I go a little crazy I love buying books and magazines so what! I'm a reader! hahaha
this is my latest spree and I advise everyone to buy these magazines

Latest Spree:

Magazines Featured:

-V Magazine (click here)
-Elle Magazine (click here)
-i-D Magazine (click here)
-Nylon Magazine (click here)
-Harpers Bazaar Runway Report Issue (click here)
-and a HOT PINK SKETCHBOOK!! YAYYY! I LOVE IT! (I didnt really need a new one...its just that I loved the color!)


Peizzy said...

ha I love it!

I read that Nylon while I walked around the grocery store lol but I might still get it, I liked one of the denim features.

So I hope to pick up these soon:
Nylon (maybe)
Nylon Guys
Vibe with Jay Z
Complex (N.E.R.D cover)
and whenever the black issue of Vogue Italia comes back out

guccibodybag said...

I just put in a subscription to
Nylon & Missbehave magazine. I've been getting Complex.
I already have Vogue, which i'm not too happy about their editorials.
I just got a new Vibe.
I need to pickup i-D & my collection for this round is done.


Yummie D said...

I dont subscribe to any of them because when your in a dorm you move rooms alot so people always end up stealing them out the mailbox suckas. But I faithfully get them on the reg.
Basic breakdown:
beautiful Decay

La La said...

I NEVER SUBSCRIBE!...I have this terrible thing... about people ripping and tearing my magazines or even touching them with dirty hands...I'm telling you people I literally treat my magazines like RELIGIOUS BOOKS. I don't like people messing up my mags in the mail box...I don't subscribe. I go to my local store and buy them

Ella said...

LOL, I'm like you. My addiction is serious. I've run out of room for them, but I really can't bring myself to throw them away. I don't wanna give them away either cos the thought of someone ripping a page breaks my heart.

my last binge constisted of:
Dazed & Confused
Glamour (uk)

La La said...

to ella: doesnt it seem like UK magazines are way much better that US ones?? (Just my opinion)