Okay I've been living in Texas half of my life and Its really hard to come by some good music so I've recently discovered this band called 'GIRL IN A COMA' (I love the name! YES!) and when I first heard their music it was featured on one of Nylons youtube videos (the one with marykate as the Cover for January 2008)

I was like who is this and what is their myspace page!??? so i found out and when i read where they were from I was like WHAAA??? San Antonio Texas?! I just love their song titled "their cell" AMAZING CHECK THEM OUT


*Okay note to self people, I'm not saying Texas is ________, thats just my opinion! everyone here is stuck in a box and I don't really get to see people actually be creative when It comes to Music and other things that involve being differnt and out of the box...and if their is someone/something that is creative in texas PLEASE EMAIL ME AND TELL ME! LOL


Anonymous said...

WOW! What part of Texas are you from? I lived in San Antonio for yearrrrrrrrs after I came back from Germany and never heard of this band - good post!

La La said...

I live In Irving like 15 minutes away from Dallas...Do you live in tx now?

Kristen said...

You need to take a trip to Austin. They is so much under ground art and music there, its ridiculous. Its a good place for the liberal soul.