Newest addition to DTY News!

So your man stopped paying for you and treating you shortly before you discovered he had a second life as a –tun tun tun:PLAYER! Ladiez DON’T TRiP YET! We got the solution for you!! READ OUR BLOG!
Hello ladies! I’d like to introduce myself your newest DTY Lady-Diana “Pinky” Pineda (killa pinkzz) coming to you str8 from Los Angeles Cali home of the earthquakes.

Fuck your broke ass man and read my blogs stay tuned for the latest news on your best interest! I got a lot of juicy news from the best spots to get your nails did to the best places to go ancient garment digging and becoming bargain savvy! So to all my down ass b!tches the fashionably loud, distinctively fresh glazed with grace and sprinkled with taste most def stay tuned I got a lot in store 4 u!
-P i N K Y



Yummie D said...

welcome to the fam!!

La La said...

YAY! Welcome welcome! amazing style ;)