To be honest "reality" tv shows are really getting on my nerves. Its like okay we know this isn't real so why are we watching it???...well the pictures above are some of the reality tv shows that are TOO fake for tv. Its not like were in the early 2000s when we didn't really know much about reality tv shows, basically when it was brand new to the world. But now a days I turn the tv on and I'm like what the fuck?

The Hills- Okay we ALL know Hedi and Spencer are putting on a staged fake fight when they break up and make up again. Lauren Conrad(shes beautiful) but we all know your acting skills suck just like all the other cast members on the show. I love the fashion forward ideas that surround Lauren,Whitney's life and all the fashionable things going on in the show I understand why people tune into the tv show but besides that where is the appearance of "realness" even though it is a fake reality tv show, please appear to us that the show is real... I hate it on the show where they have like they have a conversation and then stare quietly and then the music plays like SOMETHING DRAMATIC JUST HAPPENED (don't know what I'm talking about skip on this video to like 00:17seconds and watch)

Busted Reality Show- Supposedly this is a tv show about how California police department take MTV cameras and go around from city to city and catch random kids breaking the law and getting busted? WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR A SHOW? has anyone heard of COPS on FOX? This show is so unbelievably fake. I tuned in 10 minutes and turned the channel...MTV come on...

I Love Money- All the rejects from the past reality shows such as; Flavor of love, Rock of love and I love New York . When the this particular tv show first came on VH1 I wasn't upset it looked like it would be a pretty good and sort of funny show. But maybe after the 8th episode I was sick with it.

New York Goes To Hollywood- About this show I'm not saying that I don't like Tiffany"new york" its just that this show doesn't capture my attention AT ALL. Its like what haven't already seen that I've already seen out of New York. Nothing exciting? All you see on the tv show is Cursing,boobs,too much makeup, and her tounge down somebody's throat?

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Carsi said...

I didn't even know that show Busted existed, I agree on every single commentary, this is why i put mtv and vh1 on channel skip to avoid that crap