Ladies (and gentlemen!) - Reminder: ANTM cycle 11 comes on tonight at 8PM/7C and will be on for 2 hours! Geez, this cuts into my Project Runway time but I'll catch that later .. just this once! I'm excited for this season, and I've never been a true fan of the show until catching those MTV marathons here and there. These girls are fierce and diverse: I've been so used to seeing the same type of model for so long in the runway world, so this show gives me hope! 

Make sure to tune in tonight or catch a rerun (on demand .. tivo) and comment this entry with your thoughts and opinions on the season premiere! I'm sure it will be lots to talk about .. I'll check back every so often and post some of my own thoughts 

* Also, Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow (honestly the line up of shows tomorrow isn't the great but Friday brings heat!) so hopefully this week I'll have lots of posts on FW for the next week 


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I wasn't found of the girls in the beginning who were laughing and giggling at her - half of them didn't make it. Uh Blakely? What was her name with the glasses, the girl who cried who didn't get picked - karma. I can't stand the whole catty talk sh_t thing like are you here to win the game or play games? Middle school!

Sheena (the Asian) is definitely a favorite already! + Elina

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dj_lissamonét said...

my TiVo didnt tape it. faaaaaaaaaaack! if anyone knows if its up on youtube yet hollerrrrrr.