MISSING: FAFI Claude & Jeannette

Yes Yes Ya'll...I need help!! I have Jeanette from the "FAFI Claude & Jeannette Collection" But I need Claude to complete my set and my dreams. I looked everywhere but she's no where to be found. This collection was suppose to be a package but I got my first one from ebay for only 35$, which is a good deal but now the other is missing & since it's a collection I could make more money seeling them together than separated. You dig? So I'm thinking should I sell the one I have then buy the whole package? Buy the package and have a extra or is it not that serious?! I'm guessing it's not that serious but if you got one I'll buy it. It's just part of that Vinyl toy game. TRADE SELL YOU KNOWWW

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krazy4u1 said...

they have the set at toy tokyo in nyc. google the website. they might have it on there.