We all heard Kid Sister was going to come out with a album soon and that it was going to be called Koko B. Ware [which I personally loved]. This name is also used by a WWE wrestler and she had to get permission from him to use it, she asked & he said yes, with blessings. Everything was gravy until WWE gave her two thumbs down so now Kid Sis had to change the name and it's going to be called Dream Date. I'm just hoping no tracks will get leaked because I want to hear everything fresh off the disc.
Kid Sister "Dream Date" This title will be released on Nov 25, 2008


Keri Hilson had no trouble picking her title I mean everyone wants a perfect world. But she did have trouble with leaking almost every track off her album was leaked. This ruins evrything, that's why I refuse to download leaked tracks if I plan on grabbing the album! Everything must be exclusive. Meaning first time heard first.
Keri Hilson "In a Perfect World" This title will be released on Nov 4, 2008

Another one of my favorite Ladies is dropping a album soon. Yup, Yup Miss Allen. 9th of Feb 2009 is the release date hopefully it stays there and does not get pushed back cause I hate when that happens. I name has not been uttered but I'm sure it will knock the heels off your feet. Speaking of heels, The one's Lily is rocking is a must cop'!!
Lily Allen "Untitled until who knows" Title will be released Feb. 9th, 2009


La La said...

i cant wait to hear lilys new album! and keri hilson writes beautiful music especially energy that song is so powerful to me for some reason. but I NEVER buy cds...leaked songs do ruin sales..I heard a song with her and lil wayne and I hated it.. :(
& Kid Sister...i want to hear new stuff not...'damn girl...pro nails...switchboard...& control' although i love those songs i want to hear new stuff!

Yummie D said...

i cant wait for all of these to drop & i will buy the original only cause I love them. everyone else that just has good singles I will def hit up lime wire lol but have u heard the older tracks from kid sister her free style's idk ill send them to u!!