I don't care if you skateboard or if you don't if you love Hellz Bellz like I do you would think a couple of times about coping one of these limited edition Hellz Bellz boards. I do TRY to skateboard because my boyfriend sometimes has his board with him & in my brain it looks so easy plus it's fun, but even if I was really good at skating one of these boards would still stay on my wall as a piece of art work which is what I plan to do with it anyways! Price: $69.90 Cop': Zazzle

Would you use it & abuse it or cherish it ?
Let us know which one is your fav via Comment?

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bellzrocka said...

omg i love it so much i definitely want the minnie x hellz a & i love the blog yummie shit is rocking i always find things here before anywhere. thankx