DTY: this is a very important topic matter. I feel the exact same way that this chick does. I DON'T UNDERSTAND! I'm not gay but if I was I'd be very happy that I live in the liberal state of Massachusetts!!! This is a topic that I could talk about forever but I'll let her do the talking. Thank you Nineteen Percent.

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Vixens;were ruthless said...

Ok hold up wait a minute. Her comment right there was just absolutely ridiculous. First of all religion is what seperates everyone thats what most ppl need to realize now these days. Im in no way religious but i believe and follow God. And second of all what she said "God hates fags" un-acceptable. God does not hate fags, and fag is a diragotory comment, homosesuality is the correct term. This is a American land of the free and God gave us free will so ppl are going to choose to do what they want law or no law. But the fact of the matter is in my point is that constantly ppl want to throw God in this, God does not hate homosexuals but disapproves of homosexual acts. This girl needs to get her facts straight if trying to make a point. I respect ppls beliefs if they are for Gay marriage kudos for them but dont make God look like the bad guy here.