(hahaha, and isnt her facial expression funny? Brightens my day! moving on...)

Are you looking for those BAM IN YOUR FACE LASHES? If you're like me and about tired of the false eyelashes & that GOT D@$*# GLUE! Dont Trip Yet.. Diti's got something for you...

DIOR'S BLACKOUT MASCARA... this stuff is CRACK, a definite staple in my make-up collection! $24 dollars from Sephora, and worth every penny!

and if you're really trying to go big, start it all off with an eyelash primer, my personal fave is Make Up Forever's Lash Fibers ($20), also avaliable at Sephora.

So ladies, put down the glue, woosah for a minute, and head to your local Sephora or web browser!


Shyla Marie said...

i have this! i used to swear by MAC Mascara (still love the lipgloss) but this is def better!

deeteezy said...

yes it is! lol.

mybikesillegal said...

DITI WRITES HERE NOW .. YESS! welcome to DTY girl!
ps: I finally did read my myspace comments lol

deeteezy said...

YES GIRL, Had to get in with my sheepy partner in crime, AND DID YOU HAVE PRIVACY ON? cuz uhmmmm, you wasnt on my buddylist!