blush, can make you look like you're glowing, or make you look like a clown...

(he's sad he couldn't find the right rouge either)

you're one step away from shoving that blush brush up someones... DON'T TRIP YET! You know Diti's always got cha!

Blush can be as difficult to match to your face as foundation is, and we all know what a pain that can be, but fret no more! I've got the guaranteed-to-look-good-on-you-no-matter-your-shade-solution (phew, try and say that all in one breathe, you'd be winded)!!

Nars Blush in Orgasm. YEAH I SAID IT, Orgasm.
($25 at Sephora)

as you can see it won some sort of award with Sephora, yadda yadda. I've been on this puppy for a few years now, and I guarantee you no matter your skin tone, this bad boy is the BID-NESS! It's this nice peachy-pink color, but don't let the description fool ya, its not that sheer, so be a little stingy with application.

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L'Artiste said...

they have another shadow called
*deepthroat* and *rated r*