am I the only one anticipating this album?!
cause I'm feeling like I am..
EVERYBODY is hating on Kanye!

"how can you be so heartless?"


dauche said...

nope; your not the only one. im waiting as well; just like the past KW albums.

J Baby said...

good! i'm glad cause everybody I know and everything I read is hating on him. poor dude.

La La said...

wow that video is cute! i cant wait for the album! great post

dauche said...

i mean pretty much; i see it like this. KW is taking a different approach, in which he's always done. So i'm ready, just like the other albums. Of course i'm going to have my own listening party [lol] to see what's good, but i know hes going to be great. It might take a while before people get used to it. & yeah there are plenty leaks online; i just want to listen to the entire album and see how it flows, you feel me? haha

J Baby said...

YES i do! I have a feeling I won't love a lot of it BUT i'll just say I do because I love Kanye LOL.

Yummie D said...

haha thats such a funny videoooo