I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and ate wayyyy too much! I know I did!

I was just sitting here reading an article about Kanye's newest album release and it made me very angry. The guy sat there and completely bashed his album saying it's not hip hop and that no one listens to Kanye anymore, not even his old stuff (which I do so clearly he didn't check with me!). He just kept going and going about how it was a poor attempt of reaching across genres and all of that. BUT! What really got me mad is at the end of the article he says that he will continue to search for artists who really know hip hop and make him feel that feeling of hip hop, such as Janelle Monae and other artists.. blah blah blah. WHAT?! Janelle Monae?! I would not consider her a completely hip hop at all. I love her but when I hear the word hip hop I would not think of her.

Pretty much I'm just mad that people can't appreciate Kanye for what he is and the music he makes. Like he said in an interview though, if you don't have critics and haters then you're too safe and you stayed inside the box. So for all the haters out there get outside the box!


Anonymous said...

I am a loyal fan of Kanye. And though I was afraid that this album would be completely off the wall, I appreciate it for what it is. It's good, expressive music. The haters piss me off also. I just have to remind myself that true fans are happy with it and I'm sure Mr. West is happy with it.

deeteezy said...

music is subjective. Nobody has to love his music.