when did you fall in love with hip hop?
or just music in general?

I always loved music and hip hop but I fell hard when Jay-Z's "The Black Album" came out. I had always listened to him, it was just something about that album that I can't explain. Still to this very day, every time I hear a song off of it I get those feelings all over again!!

Tell us when you fell in love!


La La said...

I fell inlove with a tribe called quest. honestly lol that sounds so "brown sugar" haahaha

Anonymous said...

I just recently fell in love with hip hop.

it started with the first Common song I've ever fully listened to *other than the one with Lily Allen* .. I Used to Love H.E.R <33 and ofcourse all of old school Jay-Z. I just got into Jay-Z too. Ugh, I'm so behind!

I need some good songs .. recommendations?

btw this is mybikesillegal logged into my personal blogger

J Baby said...

I'll recommend anything by Jay-Z, Common, and Kanye. They're my top 3!

Lately I've been listening to Kanye, Murs, and Kidz in the Hall. Check them out!

dauche said...
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dauche said...

if i only showed you my videos of when i was a young tyke; always singing & dancing. My whole damn family is into singing & dancing. dad used to pop lock with his high top hahahaha ! seriously.

i fell in love with hip hop so early i can't even remember, & i mean I LOVE HIP HOP; the way it makes you feel. Music in general is LOVE, i don't see how anyone can go w/o it.

although some say they don't like the route hip hop is going, i believe that hip hop stays in its lane & there are intruders who try so hard to fit in the hip hop category. Its not hip hop itself, its the people that are loosing their way [identity]. I will always & forever love hip hop/ music.

J Baby said...

yes I agree. There are times when I'm listening to someone who says they're HIP HOP and I think to myself this is okay to jam to but this is not hip hop. The artists who are truly hip hop know who they are and that's what matters. People can try to fake it but they won't win in the end. I think hip hop has expanded it's horizons a little but STILL there are people who don't belong AT ALL.

tianam0nique.--* said...

That Thing -- Lauryn Hill.
4th grade =]

Ever Since the I've Been HOOKED!!

lmao lala.. so "brown sugar"

so is =]