So I heard that Def Jam is pushing up the release dates for Ludacris and Kanye's newest albums from November 25th to November 24th. The date change is for the after Thanksgiving holiday shopping but I'm going to say it's because Kanye knows I'm anxiously waiting ;)

LISTEN UP! I don't care what I've read about Kanye's newest cd I will be buying it and so should you!!! Everyone is hating on him for sounding different, using auto-tune, and singing. I say let the man do what he pleases, he's gone through a lot lately and this album seems to be an outlet for him to vent (go on Kanye, I'm listening boo!). He says he's working on getting another album out in June so if you don't like 808's & Heartbreaks you got another one coming.

Can't forget about Luda! I'm looking forward to his cd dropping too. My boyfriend predicts it'll be something worth listening to and he's usually right about this type of stuff. We'll see!


supreme. said...

i'm in love with kanye, so i agree with you 100 percent hun.

Yummie D said...

i love ludacris's album art!!!