DTY: I'm about to catch you up to yet another artist! I love finding new, interesting people and I think DTY readers appreciate that. His name is Donald Glover and he is a creative threat to comedians, actors, writers, and rappers! I first was introduced to him on youtube. He takes part in a comedy group called DERRICK. Their videos are hilarious, check them out! My favorite at the moment is their newest one. 

The second time I heard of him was from my boyfriend, Donald Glover is also a rapper under the name Childish Gambino. He has a MYSPACE music page, the first song on there is my jam! Lastly Donald writes for the NBC show 30 Rock. Which I've never seen but heard of! He also has performed on Conan O'Brien several times (I heart Conan!). He is a graduate of NYU and is originally from Atlanta. I would definately be watching out for him in the future. Whether it's comedy, writing, acting, or rapping he's going to get big somehow!

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