Wait I still have access....Im not Trippin Yet!!!! Ha :)

Well i still have access so im gonna post these cute ass shirts by "only My Kind" Clothing! Heres her bio
Only My Kind" is a different name we chose than just like every other designers that use only one word. Our name is UNIQUE and has a lot of different meanings to it. 'Only' being their is only one and being the single one or the relatively few of the kind. 'My' being made by myself. 'Kind' being likeness or difference between things and also having a different style than other designers. The overall definition of Only•My•Kind:(A Unqiue Designer made by Marlene).


Anonymous said...

I will miss your posts!
I added you on myspace though (Cake) and I will keep up with your personal blog!


Excuse My Woman Powers said...

me too! Kinda sucks but, i dont feel bad cus i didnt have all my friends gettin on here and votin ya feel me!

Super Woman said...

wellll i voted for youuuu!!!

because i like this shirt post LOL

they should probably keep you because you just put me onto something i didnt know about.

Excuse My Woman Powers said...

thanks mama!

Vixens;were ruthless said...

these shirts are tough i have her as a friend on myspace ,she's a sweetheart.