photo source: MISSBEHAVE Twitter
Because they have me wanting everything they put their little hands on. I mean damn these are dope IDK if I would even rock them in public it's like their name is tattooed on your forhead. But still you want them and need them and if you don't get them you will be mad at everyone you see rocking them. So don't be a hater and just cop' so you can be envied.
Don't jump to your wallet so quick there's no info on where to get them But I'm guessing? Steven Shein made them and they will be in the next Missbehave Magazine which should be dropping some time after December 4th 2008. So I will be on top of shit and keep you posted.


La La said...

i dono if i would buy them...its too party-ish, but you know someone will hype them up and then It will become a necessity lol I love MISSBEHAVE!

VenshardKaVon said...

I would wear them. And when the hype
starts up then I'll just keep my pair
at home on my dresser to remind me of
how fly they were