Beyonce "Diva" & "Halo" Video

Diva - Beyonce

Love the video! I see shes wearing alot of Gareth Pugh latley ey???
Sorry for the low quality video

Halo - Beyonce

what do u think about them?


Sarah Noelle said...

Gareth Pugh is the executive costume designer for her upcoming tour that's why. He's even doing executive stage design so that everything flows together properly.

danDan said...

I love me some Beyonce, she's an amazing artist who will go down in history and I'd love her to wear my clothes. But, I feel as though Beyonce is very much a commodity...like when is she gonna go to sleep? I just think she's trying prove she's the best, better than Rihanna, which she doesn't have to do.

I don't know, remember when Dangerously In Love came out and you had to listen to alllll the songs, cos she put her heart into them? LOL, yeah now... diva, diva, I'm a diva... get out of here. I like Beyonce, but this feeels empty... Good songs though.