These are sculptures done by Ron Mueck. Who I just heard of via youtube (I love youtube more and more everyday). He is a Australian working in Great Britain. He does a lot of larger than life sculptures or smaller than normal sculptures but they're all PERFECTLY detailed. It's crazy how much details there are, they're flawless! There are better pics of the pregnant woman sculpture (I didn't know if they'd be appropriate) she looks so so so real, aside from the fact that she's 8ft tall! There's also another sculpture that's called "Mother and Child" which is of a mother that just gave birth to her child, it's so amazing. I can't even describe how great he is at what he does. Check him out!


narrylikes said...

creepy huh? :)

Anonymous said...

this is amazing!
and yes, kinda creepy ^ lol

thanks for posting this i'm going to have to check out some more of his stuff