I can relate to this song I dont do it and never will (I've Heard It). If you even have to do this to your boyfriend maybe you dont trust him and you shouldnt be with him (my opinion). I've got those calls from girls asking me if I chill with their "MAN" "Umm noooo your man's a cheater I would never ever chill with him!!". If you ever get this call don't be mean, Tell her to stop messing with him REAL TALK!


_court. said...

I agree on this post, its sad when u see chicks like that. But hey to each its own.

love pac div's:paper
one of my favs from them.

"I got money on my mind u aint worth my dough"

btw love the blog ladies!!!

J Baby said...

that would be nice advice except that girls never wanna listen when you tell them how their dude is. silly girls!