Anyone Down For A Snuggie

Lmao, I'm sure many of you saw the commerical's for the "Snuggie" or "Slanket". Have sweater, half blanket. These things look like a cult-uniform to me.


LaMon Fatale said...

LMFAO OMG! thats exactly wat ! told mah mom. Dat !sh !z r!d!culous!!


Whitney said...

LMAO The Fam is all at a baseball game with them CRAZYYYY i would never. If you have one keep it in the house

Darling Cookie said...

that's the same thing my bf and i said.

cult wear!

La La said...

every time I watch this commercial I say to myself why don't they make it in black lol

lol @ the cult of the snuggies

Nina Serafina said...

haha. hilarious! I was just laughing at this last night

Its.BuCky.BitCh said...

Ladies...Real men wear snuggies. ((LMFAO))