DTY: Fashion Candid of Kanye + Crew

(photo via jakandjil)

I know we post a lot of women's fashion here, but sometimes a look on the other side is just as interesting!

Let's have fun. Who's style are you feeling the most or what are some of your favorite things in this picture? It's plenty to pick from since it's so much going on!

My favorite things are Don C's shoes (on the left), Kanye's briefcase and the colorway of his sneakers, and FB's jacket.


AYO! stephie said...

I'm forreal feelin' ALL of it except ol' dude's leopard pants & cowboy boots... you just can't mix those too lol. But my favorite would have to be the guy 2nd to last on the right. Just on his grown shit (;

Ambs said...

Prince and Shalimar,anyone?

I LOVE the jacket 'ye is wearing