Ladies what are you getting that special guy in your life for valentine's day? This year I'm a little stumped. Last year he got personalized dunks, so scratch that. I'm still plotting and planning for the day and the gift but I'd love to hear some ideas! 


dj_lissamonét said...

a dj lissa monet mixtape!!
..im working on my 3rd annual vday mixtape right now =]

c_ke said...

I was making him some beats and buying us matching sneakers but idk now.

Also a journal I write letters/notes/whatevers to him in and letting him finishing up the blank pages himself.

Also cards with things on them like "this is good for one free massage" "this is good for a kiss anywhere you want" etc. I just ran out of ideas for the cards lol

J Baby said...

i did cards like that last year too! well it was called "your coupon book" lol. you can look online, they sell actual books like that so you could get ideas from them.

Ashley Outrageous said...

psshh i need ideas myself =/
i have none.

Whitney said...

Cakeee I'm doing the same thing I'm not saying what because he will probally read this lol