Justin Timberlake: Bigger than the World Freeloader

"Bigger than the World" = JT don't miss out on the download we never know when the opportunity will disappear. This is a dope track, I love it. FREELOAD HERE

TRASHY: Has anyone heard that Jim Jones song -Drug Dealer..That shit is fucking crazy. How could you glorify something that get's people behind bars on a daily basis and ruin's lives everyday!! It's really disgusting. And if they put it on the radio airwaves I will definitely boycott.


just lex said...
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danDan said...

i concur the jim jones thing.

the jt song? no no no... i love JT... he was the first arena/stadium concert I begged to go to... but this song is not the one... maybe I'll grow to like it, but you can't have one thing trying to be so many things; acoustic/hip-hoppy/Timbalandie... please get out of here!