Paper Bag Curls Tutorial : No Heat

Michelle Phan always has great youtube videos and recently she just posted this one on how to curl your hair without using heat. Well theres a down side for me because I don't think It will work for African Americans just because of the hair type that we have. But to all the other hair types I think this will be a pretty cool DIY(Do It Yourself) So if some of you DTY readers out there want to try this and actually suceed send us your video of you doing it or a picture of your process/final results to donttripyet@gmail.com

Check out some more of her videos here


Lizzy said...

Wow, this was really cool.

Unfortunately, unlike most asian girls .. my hair is way too thick so it would take me forever to individually wrap little section of my hair.

Maybe I'll try it on my little sister ;] hehe.

Kay said...

ummmm yeahhh i`m too lazy to do that shit

i`ll stick to my flat iron to curl my hair...

but maybe ONE DAY