Saks Fifth Avenue x Shepard Fairey

This is really amazing, Shepard Fairey working for Saks Fifth? I love Shep's, work, and it's interesting to see how underground artists (well not so much anymore after Obama), working with huge companies like Saks! You know some one out there is going to attack Shep or Saks for looking to familiar to Russian Communism Art...give it a rest!

Saks Fifth Avenue hired Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the stylized Hope poster of Barack Obama that became one of the most highly visible, though unofficial, images of the presidential campaign, to design its catalog covers and shopping bags. They bear a rather unsubtle allusion to advertisements made in the 1920s for state-run department stores in the Soviet Union.

The Saks slogan, "Want It!" is printed in lettering similar to the graphic designs of Rodchenko, the Russian graphic designer who was one of the founders of Constructivism. The images, largely realized by Cleon Peterson of Studio Number One, Mr. Fairey's design company in Los Angeles, depict the season's trends in black-and-white images with geometric slashes of red, some of them shown on models posing as if they are champions of workers' rights.

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