It's still the classic O.G dunk..Or is it? Well a bunch of female designer's came up with this design to jump off the new year & are introducing.. THE SKINNY DUNK made to fit women and also go more with our wardrobe. I'm a hard core dunk rocker, nike popper. Whatever that means, I MADE IT UP! I just have a Mill. & I'm not knocking the new design until I try them out. Now for the design I love it..It's abstract and different & it's specifically for the ladies, so please fellas don't get idea's..I see men rocking girls kicks all the time. What are you thinking? Finally some dunks just for the ladies!
source: sneaker freak


Gia Shakur said...

I'm really not feeling them cherries. I appreciate the effort though.

el, the high low life. said...

I have to agree.
Not a fan of the Skinny Dunk.
I will rock my boy Dunks til death do us part.