We feel fine is a database of human emotions collected from blogs, online journals, myspace, etc. You could find someone who JUST wrote that they were sad in your state, your city, and is the same age as you! If you're feeling a particular way you can answer the questions to get to someone who feels the same as you or you can just click "find feelings" which brings you to a swarm of what looks like confetti. Each colored dot is a person and their writings or pictures on their feelings at the moment. At the bottom of the swarming confetti is a list of links to other ways of finding how people feel.

Might sound confusing but it really is cool! It's a complex site and I'm still learning more about it. Check it out for yourself at www.wefeelfine.org! People do always say that somewhere out there, there is someone who feels just like you or knows what you are going thru. Now we can find them.

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R! said...

This site could be really useful when you're feeling all alone. There is always someone out there in the same boat. And you could probably get tips on how to change your mood by reading happier posts.