From the T.V preview's I was into this movie but didn't know if I should bring a kid along. Now I'm definitely sure I won't be bringing a kid along from this trailer, I dont want to be responsible for nightmares. This looks like a creepy movie, but i think it would be cool to see it in 3D. WHO SEEN IT?

In honor of the movie Nike is doing a giveaway on CORALINE.com
DIRECTIONS: At the end of the movie in the credits there will be a code. Once you have the code head to CORALINE.com & in Coraline's room there will be a place to enter to win.


JacqueRoxx said...

I took my little brother and sister...it wasn't too scary they really liked it.

HOWEVER There's a fat lady in the movie who dances around in a thong and pasties for like 3 minutes. It's really random and weird.

J Baby said...

I saw it in 3D on sunday and I'm not too sure if kids should see it. it depends on how old they are. if they're like 11 or 12 sure. it's not a consept that many kids would understand and some of it can be a little creepy.

J Baby said...
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J Baby said...
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rissapeace, said...

Lmao, the fat lady in a thong &lil kim nipple cover-ups! 3 mintutes true that! lol Now count 180 Mississippi's that's LONG!

but over all it's one of those movies you never want to end...

&you got to see it 3D you wont be seeing it at home like that... there's no other way to watch Coraline.

Check out her detailed style... no cartoon ever had chipped blue nail polish? I'ma mad detail-ish person "the little things that matter"

Yummmmmie GO WATCH IT!

Lique said...

i peeped it.i loved it.Nightmare b4 christmas is one of my fav movies so this was a must see.I dont really think its for young children though.The pasties kinda threw me off.Doing the most with those hooters!lol