Adriana Lima became a sexy Amy Winehouse

Now we all know Adriana is a million times sexier then Amy Winehouse, but Amy Winehouse is still an amazing singer, don't forget that- regardless of all her crazy cracked out decisions.

Super model Adriana Lima rocks her inner-Amy attitude as she portrays Amy Winehouse in the latest issue of Love magazine.Adriana Lima is dressed up as Amy Winehouse and she still oozes sex appeal!

Here is a small interview with Adriana:
"What do you love about Amy Winehouse? I love that she has real talent, not manufactured soulless music.

What’s your favorite love song? ‘Manha de Carnavaz’ What’s love got to do with it? Love helps me suffer peacefully in airports.

Is there anything you love to hate? I love to hate on anyone who thinks they are more important than anyone else. I officially hate on those people right away."

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Kisa Zoea said...

Adriana. She is my fav model. Looks great in pic.