My Favorite Designer: BJ Fall 09
Instead of the traditional showdown, Betsey Johnson decided to show off her Fall collection to all in her own show room. How dope is she!!! As you can see the collection is crazy, mixing up some major high end street wear with the uptown partygirl your sure to love enough piece's to make your ultimate outfit. I love all the print's they look amazing and the sequence leggings and tops, it adds much needed shine in the world & in your closet. Not to mention lots of leggings and colorful sweater's. I must say Betsey I love what you done with the place.

P.S There's rumors that BJ might be in the works for a collabo with Target. Hmmm.. We'll see!


Ńique_ Famous* said...

Betsy Johnson is a fashion genius.

gor(jess). said...

yesss bestsy johnson is amazinng.

so unique , i love going into that store .

horrible for my credit card tho =X lol.

Kisa Zoea said...

Betsey ROCKS!