I'm really into street art, even if it's the smallest thing that no one even notices. I recently came upon this ..idea.. I guess you could say that someone from the art school I went to started. Every single day he writes "every day yeah" in a different place. Could be on a bench, on a window, on a barrel, anywhere! Check out the website, see where he's already written it. Every day.. yeah!

Also if you're in the Boston area between now and August check out the Shepard Fairey exhibit at the ICA. Shepard Fairey is the creator of the Obey logo. I love love love stencil art, expecially stencil street art. I'm taking my boyfriend to see it tomorrow!

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Whitney said...

i went to this today! if you go to china town you can see the same thing on the streets he's everywhere! the view from the ICA is crazy