Let`s talk make-up ;]

There has been a lot of blogs about the Hello-Kitty collection && how everyone is excited and blah blah. Yes I myself bought some items & i don`t regret it, however its a damn recession & some people are not willing to spend so much on some makeup lol  ( it was my damn bday so i spoiled myself ;]) lol anyway... I was on youtube && I found this:

Her name is Aubrey && her tutorials are always amazing & her blending skills are awesome. She used the Coastal Scents 88 palette 

Which you can get here for $21.95

As to buying this palette
for $38 . . . 

You can create endless looks with the 88 palette && the colors are all pigmented and definitely worth it * I have it* 

So remember girls, you don`t have to spend tons of money to look fabulous ;]


c_ke said...

well i dont wear make up but i found this to be very interesting. the brushes have names .. and its so many of them lol. sorry im still stuck on that. i thought i would get some eyeshadow in my skin tone to cover up the dark circles on my eyes but apparently its way more complicated then that. i went to ulta and left with a headache.

if i were to wear make up like this i think i'd be happier with going to ulta whenever i wanted to put it on and just paying someone to do it for me lol.

but really though i'm getting myself some of those fake eyelashes -__- i need eyelashes asap

Kay said...

hey girl if you need any more help or assistance i`ll be more glad than to help!!


but uh yeah eyeshadow is not going to help dark circles, some nice concealer will help!! go to the mac counter & don`t be afraid to say NO, cuz they try to sell u unnecessary shit half the time lol

c_ke said...

YES! Mac tried to play me lol I ended up getting a starter kit from Ulta of Pur Perfection bare minerals stuff. I can't front I love it plus it takes me less than 2 minutes to apply the three things while in traffic in the mornings lol. (4n1 foundation / blush / bronzer) I LIED I LIED. I want to know more but I feel like it's too much for me to remember =/ I'll be playing with it over time though =]

Lique said...

Ive DEF got 2 look into this 88 palette,i've been trying to get myself back into the makeup game and that would really brighten up my life.=]

Tashur Raquel said...

i love that palette, but its sold out! =[[[

Anonymous said...

as soon as i saw this i went to the website and purchased it, its not sold out anymore... just got it..

Kay said...

yay great! Let us know how it turned out for u!

L'Artiste said...

i wanna get that palette but i'm trying to hold out for a coupon or something because of the high ass shipping and handling
but that youtube video is Aubrey, she has a blog too