Look at whos all grown up!

Dakota Fanning
(15) Shes all grown up now and looking beautiful at The Late Night Show with David Letterman! I give it till her 17th or 18th birthday until every magazine and gossip tabloids crown her as an "it" girl or a fashionista


NIC-KIA said...

OooH my.

shes come a long way since "uptown girls" and "i am sam"

shes such a cutie, good post.

Ashley Outrageous said...

wow! she def. has grown up! i have an outfit similar to that! lol

Devon said...

oooh wow look at her!

Fennella said...

whoa && she is soo classy!!

themogul said...

wow.. she used to be so awkward looking.. lol

she's coming out of that phase now..

10th Letter said...

OMG i can't believe that's her! she's soooo pretty! AND GROWN!

Rachie-Pie said...

cannot believe she is only 15...agree with you!

Danny Love said...

She has started to bloom into such a beautiful young lady.

I hope she takes the role in the new Twilight movie. I think she'd be an excellent addition to the story.

Her new film "pUsh" looks great too.

That jumper is HOT!!


D. Love