Lyriciss x URB

Now, as promised, I told you guys I'd bring you music from the DMV. Lyriciss was actually like the first (I guess we'll call them underground?) rapper from around the way I heard, and I was quite impressed, and then he proceeded to put me on with a lot of other artists' music, and now I pass it along to you! So he got into the next 1000 for URB for his song "The Blue Collar Chronicles" [you can listen below], NOW I KNOW ya'll remember Wale on the cover of that joint, and he needs our help to move up the ranks! AND, luckily for all of you who I already know are gonna be feeling him, he has a brand new mixtape coming out on my birthday! So of course Ima have that for you guys later. But yes, PLEASE listen and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote!

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