Buying make-up can be almost like a car payment. I mean 70$ for eyeshadow that's madd!! You can buy almost the same products if your really looking. This is just a short guide of what works for me. The best make-up store for me is definitely Sephora. They have a wide range of products that you can sample and try on & load you with extra's to take home. Although, if the price is to high try to stop by Target or a drugstore & find whats closest to your WANTED look. Also keep in mind instead of getting your nails did for $10.00 you can buy a Ms. Manicure kit and OPI for around $9 and save money in the long run.


Urban Decay has almost every color of the rainbow in their collection. Perfect for blending for spring days vs. nights.
$16.00 each: Mix & match


If your not into makeup that much & not into all the colors, you can't go wrong with gold shimmer for the upper eye lid into the crest and under. It's for all over and always looks good during the day and at night.
for less intensity use brown eye liner instead of black it looks more natural and can also be used to fill in your eye brows for a quick fix. (make sure to blend into skin)


It's a Sephora x OPI collabo. It'a mazing for spring a black tight dress always looks good with a hot pink polish and will definitly add some detail to a solid outfit.
$9.00 each and Only at a Sephora near you!

Ms. Manicure has great tools to use for manicure's and pedicure's. Plus it's cheap you can buy it at Shaw's or Walmart for about $4.00 for a year round up keep.


Sheer tone lipgloss with shimmer is perfect for reflections from the sun. I find it that clear is too much shine and makes it look like you had too much greasy KFC. So to tone down the gloss get a gloss with color that's close to your skin tone and that has shimmer in it so even when your not in the sun rays your still shinning!
Smashbox $21.00 at Sephora and other fine retailers

For foundation it's almost a NO brainer. The best is to buy a bronzer and brush softly over your skin. If you need to cover up hit up CVS or a Drug store to match your best tone and if you can't find your exact color buy the closest but darkest to your tone. If you buy lighter it will show more and you'll look paler than you are. I recommend Liquid because it covers better and if your going to be adding bronzer it absorbs the powder so you don't look like a cupcake!

Urban Decay also has whole collection for around $100.00 that you can mix and match to your needs. It's great quality and has everything you need for your empty make-up bags.

Check out their site for how-to's! For great Extreme looks to tweak.

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