Amy Is That You?

Our favorite, most talented crack head looks like she's switching her game up and tidying up a little bit. She just got out of rehab, and it's about time she hooks her self up with a new look. Come on girl, you got the money!

In the depths of her drug addiction, the singer let her appearance and dress sense go to ruin. But here she is snapped near her new home in North London with blemish-free skin, a full beehive in place and even donning a sexy mini-skirt….…After reclaiming her looks, Amy now wants to get back her estranged junkie jailbird husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL. A pal told The Sun: “She still insists that Blake is the only man for her. She is convinced she can do it.”

What do you think? Upgrade??


mu$icallyrotten said...

I have faith in her, she's only human.

Super Woman said...

LMAO .....Seriously?


You may think that im laughing at the fact that she's a crack head or some crack head joke thats running through my head

However, She just served Blake's Ass with DIVORCE papers!!

If thats true then she's clearly still not quite "right" in the head.

She was over seas Having sex with some guy on the beach and openly bragged about it to the newspapers and Blake may be a druggie like she is/was but im pretty sure his reading and comprehension skills are still semi-functional

Dani B. said...

I hope she stays clean and comes out with a new album A to the SAP!!