The boy and I saw Common and Kid Cudi last night. It was at the new House of Blues on Lansdowne St, which took place of the Avalon. The venue is really nice. It's three floors with at least two bars on each floor, plus there's a restaurant attached to it. Kid Cudi was dope! He was funny, entertaining, and performed everything I'd want to hear from him. Common was also good but, not as good as the first time I saw him. He still puts on an entertaining show though, hey he likes Boston, and DAMNNN does he look wonderful in person ::sigh:: 

Don't you hate when you don't bring your camera cause it says not to and someone next to you has theirs and they don't get caught?!?! Ugh I do!


HEARTBREAK Sound said...

I was there too. My friend go to sneak in his camara, It was quite easy just hide it in a purse and put mad junk around it. lol

It was a great show though. Kid cudi killed it.

He was actually outside meeting some people before the show.

J Baby said...

i hate carrying purses so i can't sneak em in! i didn't get there that early so i didn't see him outside :( common was signing autographs inside but it was too late for me, past my bedtime!!