I've always been a nail biter, every now and then I get acrylics put on but I end up going right back to biting them after they're off. Well this time is going to be different! I'm going to try really really hard not to bite them! I've realized that if I keep them painted and get manicures I'm better about letting them grow. So I'm going to need to invest in some dope colors and do some cute designs. Right now I have pink polka-dots, next I think I'm going to attempt the cheetah print. Wish me luck!


stephyy said...

I gots to try that out!!!

Ms_Slim said...

Okay Ive been on this tutorial post for far too long lol. I love it! After the cheetah design, the other ones featured at the close of the video are also cool too. I was looking at the Cosmic Nail design. I think I may wanna try that out tonight if I have time. :)

Thanks, DTY!

Strutt said...

Her tutorials are so dope.

I always used to do designs on my nails-until I got a part time job in retail. you can't keep good nails whilst working in retail, so I'll start doing them again when I quit.