As a girl my mom & Tee Tee used to have ladies come through to their basement nail salon to get their tips done, it's human nature I would catch on and do the same. So in attempt to keep my nails and others away from chipped polish, smudged polish and hazardous needs of a fill, I filled my Caboodles purp case with everything I need to keep them shining. So with tutorials and aimless time I will be updating you lady's with custom nails for your viewing joy's. Hope you like. My sister will be my first victim lol.


c_ke said...

aww I miss caboodles! I'm going to get one now lol

Carsi said...

oh man giving me flashback of me back in the 5-6th grades with my turquoise glitter caboodle full of cheap-o 2/$1 nail polishes, decals, and nail files from the 99 cent store I really thought I was doing the damn thing. I miss those days

Whitney said...

lol I got the caboodles at Walmart!!! i use to have one when i was young it was clear with glitter. But their really convenient it stores everything i need its like a salon on the go