Besides me looking a hotttttt mess, this is Nuvo (well an empty bottle of it)! I had made a post about the drink before. Well now I can finally say I've had it. Last Thursday was my 21st birthday (WORRRD) so for my party on Friday I got this medium sized bottle and the biggest bottle, PLUS my best friend bought me another big bottle. Needless to say I have MADD Nuvo at my casa!

It definitely is fruity. If you like passion fruit then you will most likely love this drink. My siblings didn't like it, it's not a drink everyone (or every girl) will like. You can tell that it's vodka, it's 15% alcohol and you can taste the vodka a little bit. If you do end up liking it, it can be a dangerous drink! lol. I want to try it with cranberry juice or something like that and see if it tastes even better. Oh and it was somewhat hard to find. I tried a few stores, even big liquor stores, and I only found it at two stores around my way. All and all I recommend it ladies (and even for the gents)! 

P.s. every time I drink it or see it I sing T-pain's line from "Blame it".. EVERY TIME!


lalaliybean said...

hells yeah, nuvo will sneak up on you but i love the fact that it's PINK & fruity. lol! I couldnt imagine mixing it with cranberry, sounds madd sweet.

Whitney said...

I want some, How much is the bigger bottles because i thought the little tiny bottles where like 30$ which is high!!

J Baby said...

the biggest bottle is $35, i don't know how much the smaller ones are.

Jazzybabii said...

Thee small bottles r abt 9 dollars && qone in under 10 mins.... Opt 4 thee biqq (35 dollar) bottle!